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how to choose led lights to not choose the wrong?

recently, many people like to use led lights more and more, many of them indicate that these lights can reduce eye damage, especially when children write homework at home, they can protect their vision and save power, so many parents buy this kind of lamp for their children’s eye health problems.

how to choose the led light to not choose the wrong? although the led light seems to have a certain degree of protection for the eyes, but not all led lights are this effect, if you encounter inferior led lights, then there is no such effect. many parents think that the use of led lights is more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, but in fact, these led lights have a very serious stroboscopic. if it is such a long-term light, it is easy to cause fatigue and headache, for the child’s body. really not as healthy as i imagined.

before cctv exposed this inferior led light, there are differences in the strobe of different led lights. of course, the lower the strobe, the less damage to the eyes. however, this is an idealized state, there is no stroboscopic in the absolute sense, and the naked eye looks almost the same.